Drawing lines on pages: remaking a very public geography

A short article I have written for the GSI’s GeoNews: Building on work done by Prof. William Smyth and Michael Murphy and later publications by Prof. Paddy Duffy, the Catholic parish boundaries are finally digitised. It has taken four years, a summer internship and five different organisations to get to this stage but 1,360 parishes … More Drawing lines on pages: remaking a very public geography

Valuable lessons

In examining ‘being’ religious and how we ‘become’ secular, the paper brings together ideas about how veiling works in different European countries and how public space works in these various contexts. In Ireland, where veiling has been an important part of Catholic consciousness in public since the nineteenth century, there is little discussion about the place of veiled women in public spaces. … More Valuable lessons

The Ology

I spent a couple of years in this job avoiding the word theology. It’s all so….so theist. Not me at all. I like my philosophy and thinking those deep thoughts: Kant, Rorty, Habermas. You know? Philosophers. Real philosophers. Conversations about theology were beyond me because it meant talking about God-things and I can’t be having … More The Ology

Truth and faith

In starting my job in early 2006, I was confronted by a couple of seemingly glaring inconsistencies. As a researcher I am trained to produce what are essentially stories about peoples lives, through numbers and narrative. Saying that 16% of respondents agree with X is a story about how people understand the world around them. … More Truth and faith

Journalism and study

On the 16h50 from Maynooth to Drumcondra yesterday, I met with a man who works in the department where I am hoping to enrol for my PhD next year. He put down his copy of The Third Policeman and we got chatting. We talked generally about the writing process in a PhD and although he … More Journalism and study