The last two weeks has been a tricky period for the development and completion of my thesis. While my three months of unpaid leave commences shortly, there is a considerable amount of rewriting to be done on the six chapters that I have written by now. In the last few days, in combination with The … More Fortnight


I delivered to him a print out of the introduction, chapters one through six and a provisional bibliography. It is by no means finalised and there will be much crafting between now and Valentine’s Day 2014. … More Rocktober

Rites of passage

So why am I continuing? Because I believe what I have to say is important. It is worth writing about the spatial practices of Irish Catholics and its political implications. It consumes me. … More Rites of passage

This stage

I met with The Supervisor for about an hour yesterday. It was to go through some notes he had made on two of the empirical chapters that I had written in August. He had some very nice things to say about my grasp of theory and my way of communicating my ideas. That is reassuring … More This stage

Writing practice

I am not sure why 80-100,000 words is considered a PhD when I think I could argue my main points in about half of that. It is not that I am displeased with the writing I have done but it seems so stilted: this happened, then I saw that and that reminds me of Person (2009) etc. And yes, I am a better writer than I was in 2010 but unless I am going to put that to use consistently from 2014 on, why not just keep doing doctoral degrees? … More Writing practice