Catholic is not Irish is not catholic.

In Ireland we are not particularly good at distinguishing the massed public from a Massed public. Because we didn’t ‘get’ the Enlightenment like Scotland, England or France, social scientific accounts of a political imaginary called Irish society conceive of Ireland as a plurality of homogeneous communities. Consequently, the Irish state tends to be characterised as epiphenomenal, a reflection of a multitude of localisms. … More Catholic is not Irish is not catholic.

‘Being’ religious and ‘becoming’ secular

It argues that individualist conceptions of subjectivity have taken firm roots in democracies in Western Europe. These liberal democratic roots have grown into very complex democratic systems, mutually interdependent and secular in their composition. The individualist conception of our own subjectivity makes itself visible in discussions about who is secular and who is religious. … More ‘Being’ religious and ‘becoming’ secular