By the end of this thesis, I have tried to identify a new politics of the secular, one that does not rely on opposition to the Religious. In the definition of where and what is Religious, everyday practices get scaled out of their political significance and which are then made public. Others are made to … More Relations(hip)

Unlikely Disciple

Kevin enrolls for a semester at Liberty University in Lynchburg Tennessee from Brown, a place he describes as a regular secular, college. You know: students take philosophy that includes Kant and Sartre, the jocks get to play some ball and everyone gets drunk on the sly. … More Unlikely Disciple

How the ban travels

The threat to ‘our’ security is compromised by a woman doing her shopping. How do these ideas travel across spaces and different territories? How does a brutal measure like national legislation on a ‘macro’ scale impact upon ‘micro’ scale social relations on our streets and bus stops? … More How the ban travels