I delivered to him a print out of the introduction, chapters one through six and a provisional bibliography. It is by no means finalised and there will be much crafting between now and Valentine’s Day 2014. … More Rocktober

Conferences for 2013

Thanks to the part sponsorship of the Geographical Society of Ireland, I am off to the Nordic Geographers’ Conference in June. The conference is in Reykjavik and so much of the first few days will be an attempt to understand why the sun hardly sets. Like some others I am planning for 2013 (CIG, ISASR), … More Conferences for 2013

Writing practice

I am not sure why 80-100,000 words is considered a PhD when I think I could argue my main points in about half of that. It is not that I am displeased with the writing I have done but it seems so stilted: this happened, then I saw that and that reminds me of Person (2009) etc. And yes, I am a better writer than I was in 2010 but unless I am going to put that to use consistently from 2014 on, why not just keep doing doctoral degrees? … More Writing practice

Drawing lines on pages: remaking a very public geography

A short article I have written for the GSI’s GeoNews: Building on work done by Prof. William Smyth and Michael Murphy and later publications by Prof. Paddy Duffy, the Catholic parish boundaries are finally digitised. It has taken four years, a summer internship and five different organisations to get to this stage but 1,360 parishes … More Drawing lines on pages: remaking a very public geography