Speculative positionality

Academic sociology and geography (those I am most familiar with) for the most part conceives of other erasures. The core of my argument is that these academic disciplines reproduce working class cultures on their behalf. (Now erase that cloth cap from your mind’s eye.) … More Speculative positionality

Journey geographies – a paper for the AAG

This paper is about a data collection process for my thesis. It is also about a spiritual journey from the French border to Logrono in the company of a specific cohort of people who all chose September 3rd as their particular date to start their Camino. If Rose (2010) says that sacredness offers a way to listen and Slater (2004) seeks more insider accounts for the development of religious geographies, this paper is an attempt to listen to and an attempt to account for experience. … More Journey geographies – a paper for the AAG

GY802 Key Concepts In Geography 2

In the same way as religions have to adapt their ways to be allowed to enter particular forms of being public (non-judgemental, rational, immanent etc.), many of these authors wish the field of play to be cleared so that their own tin soldiers can be placed in the ‘correct position’. They’re like the child who chides his peers for not playing the game ‘right’. … More GY802 Key Concepts In Geography 2