Conference of Irish Geographers 2013 – Galway

It is good to do the Show and Tell geography where we marvel at unusual landscapes and cultural formations and say “Wow Geography!” It is better to bring people to the point of being confronted by a geopolitics that cannot be ignored. … More Conference of Irish Geographers 2013 – Galway

3. work if you can 4. dream. 5. act

It seems to me now that Ireland’s complacent, property-obsessed middle classes (yes, that’s me) are in a similar position. We think that making the banks work ‘properly’ again is the objective of these ‘adjustments’. It is not for this objective that the hospital wards are closing this year. This is little short of the Irish economy being turned inside out for shareholder value. … More 3. work if you can 4. dream. 5. act

Flooding and development

On Newstalk this morning, I heard Prof John Sweeney of NUI Maynooth (he’s a got a Nobel prize you know) talking about heavy convection rain and how with increasing temperatures over the Atlantic ocean we are going to see more of this in the summer in Ireland, most particularly the east coast. The cleanup continues … More Flooding and development