Swiss time

I am off to Lucerne in the next few days to attend the 6th International Colloquium of Geography of Religion. For the first time the group is meeting out of the lofty and colonial spires of Oxford and going all continental. This is quite exciting for me because I have never been in Switzerland and the gathering should be a good opportunity to meet with some non-Anglophone geographers of religion. … More Swiss time

Valuable lessons

In examining ‘being’ religious and how we ‘become’ secular, the paper brings together ideas about how veiling works in different European countries and how public space works in these various contexts. In Ireland, where veiling has been an important part of Catholic consciousness in public since the nineteenth century, there is little discussion about the place of veiled women in public spaces. … More Valuable lessons

Post-registration anxiety

In queuing last night for the excellent Lourdes at Dublin’s Screen cinema, I had a conversation with my film mate. I was telling him that having registered for the PhD last week, I have been wondering when I’ll get the time to commit to the big ideas and the down and dirty fieldwork and that, … More Post-registration anxiety