I delivered to him a print out of the introduction, chapters one through six and a provisional bibliography. It is by no means finalised and there will be much crafting between now and Valentine’s Day 2014. … More Rocktober

Rites of passage

So why am I continuing? Because I believe what I have to say is important. It is worth writing about the spatial practices of Irish Catholics and its political implications. It consumes me. … More Rites of passage

This stage

I met with The Supervisor for about an hour yesterday. It was to go through some notes he had made on two of the empirical chapters that I had written in August. He had some very nice things to say about my grasp of theory and my way of communicating my ideas. That is reassuring … More This stage

Journey geographies – a paper for the AAG

This paper is about a data collection process for my thesis. It is also about a spiritual journey from the French border to Logrono in the company of a specific cohort of people who all chose September 3rd as their particular date to start their Camino. If Rose (2010) says that sacredness offers a way to listen and Slater (2004) seeks more insider accounts for the development of religious geographies, this paper is an attempt to listen to and an attempt to account for experience. … More Journey geographies – a paper for the AAG