By the end of this thesis, I have tried to identify a new politics of the secular, one that does not rely on opposition to the Religious. In the definition of where and what is Religious, everyday practices get scaled out of their political significance and which are then made public. Others are made to … More Relations(hip)


A friend and regular reader of my sort-of blog sent me an email recently: “Wasssup with the blog situation? Are you dis-blogged? or a-blogged? or de-blogged?” A few minutes later I emailed her back “I don’t know: I just do not seem to have to motivation to post on it any more. It is kind … More Inquiry

Imagine this

Hi, my name is Peter. I’m a neurotic.  Hi Peter. I’ve been a neurotic now for about 16 years.  That’s right. I have made lots of people feel uncomfortable with my wandering, pointless blather. Sometimes, I’ve hogged conversations with interminable detail about myself… OK. …I’ve thought long and hard if the door on the house … More Imagine this

The Couch Sessions

A couple of years ago, a friend asked me if I receive some kind of certification after a specific time from my therapist. You know, like a qualification that I am now alright again, having been through a difficult period of bad mental health. He was being more than a little facetious but there was that … More The Couch Sessions

The Couch Sessions

Half my head is filled with concrete when I get stressed. I used to think that it was a headache caused by stress and not the stress that was causing it. In fact, the right side of my body is filled with concrete when I am stressed out. I used to believe that I had … More The Couch Sessions