In finishing Chadwick’s History of the Early Church over my recent holiday, I am again struck by the resonances in the development of the early Christian Church and contemporary structures in the Catholic Church in Ireland. (I’m not going to go into this at length and I promise that this might be the history of … More Resonances

Truth and faith

In starting my job in early 2006, I was confronted by a couple of seemingly glaring inconsistencies. As a researcher I am trained to produce what are essentially stories about peoples lives, through numbers and narrative. Saying that 16% of respondents agree with X is a story about how people understand the world around them. … More Truth and faith

Proximate causes

So there I was trying to recover from the abysmal and measly face-off between Meath and Kerry in the football championship. I tried ironing and then hung out some washing to try and take my mind to a place that approximated engagement. Instead I turned to the paper I had printed out late on Friday … More Proximate causes