That is all…

Islam, in a paradoxical way, has become a political and cultural resource for the singularization of immigrants, for their quest for recognition, and so it indicates in turn their particular citizenship in the public space of Europe. Nilüfer Göle on the mute symbols on Islam. We need to begin talking about this soon in Ireland … More That is all…

Talal Asad and veiling

When asked to stop reading and just write, I couldn’t resist taking this with me on the train. Talal Asad’s essay French Secularism and the “Islamic Veil Affair” is not meant to be a rehearsal of the ‘general from the particular’ type of article but his analysis is so spot on that he had me … More Talal Asad and veiling

Muslims at the Capitol

I came across this short piece of video (sorry, no embedding) last week and I am surprised by it. Perhaps I shouldn’t be; after all, writers have been telling us about American exceptionalism for about 20 years now. This is the idea that the place of religion in the US politic has not followed a … More Muslims at the Capitol


Like Bryan, I am hopeful for an America that is comfortable in voting for its first African-American president. Barack Obama is an inspirational figure in a hemispheric political space that is largely populated with idiots, clowns and gombeens. His speech in Berlin yesterday was as much about what a lot of Europeans hope for in … More O’Bama

Language use in blogs

I found myself in blog and comment conversation with Bock the Robber yesterday over a posting he had made entitled Islamic Savages. I think that he has made some indefensible links between the use of the word ‘savages’ and Islam. His posting was about the number of “Children currently sentenced to death under Islamic law.” … More Language use in blogs