The private and the public

Most people disagree that domestic violence is a private matter but court hearings on family law are held in camera. Agrama points to similar indeterminacy of state power in Egypt where the work that he has done on family courts there points to a “blurring [of] the difference between legal equality and majority values, between norm and exception”. … More The private and the public

Oh no! He might be right.

Regularising other forms of relationships in law is just that, it regularises for legal purposes, so that the State’s reach is made longer. Why does the state have to legalise any form of human relationship? Secularisation processes do this most precisely: it takes the previously-understood domain of the private and makes them public goods. … More Oh no! He might be right.

De-grading everyone

As a graduate student in UCD in the mid-1990s, part of the post-medieval patronage system that persisted was to correct summer undergraduate examination papers. This was a nice little earner leading into a time when regular teaching was unavailable to those of us not on any form of contract or tenure. As grad students we … More De-grading everyone