Speculative positionality

Academic sociology and geography (those I am most familiar with) for the most part conceives of other erasures. The core of my argument is that these academic disciplines reproduce working class cultures on their behalf. (Now erase that cloth cap from your mind’s eye.) … More Speculative positionality

Conference of Irish Geographers 2013 – Galway

It is good to do the Show and Tell geography where we marvel at unusual landscapes and cultural formations and say “Wow Geography!” It is better to bring people to the point of being confronted by a geopolitics that cannot be ignored. … More Conference of Irish Geographers 2013 – Galway

GY802: Wylie coyote

The relational production of the Marian statues in specific Dublin areas connotes particular ways in which notions of the public, the community are understood. These are not beliefs with no material presence (now mostly cut adrift from these presences). Instead, and against Wylie, the meaning of these places does not have to be collected but instead revealed … More GY802: Wylie coyote