Not Data but data.

Over the last two weeks or so I have been coding, collating, inputting and analysing the data coming from the questionnaires from the recent Left Forum meeting in Dublin ‘Does Ireland need a new left party?’ When the prospect of distributing a questionnaire arose in the organising group’s conversation I had to get involved. My … More Not Data but data.

Drawing lines on pages: remaking a very public geography

A short article I have written for the GSI’s GeoNews: Building on work done by Prof. William Smyth and Michael Murphy and later publications by Prof. Paddy Duffy, the Catholic parish boundaries are finally digitised. It has taken four years, a summer internship and five different organisations to get to this stage but 1,360 parishes … More Drawing lines on pages: remaking a very public geography

Truth and faith

In starting my job in early 2006, I was confronted by a couple of seemingly glaring inconsistencies. As a researcher I am trained to produce what are essentially stories about peoples lives, through numbers and narrative. Saying that 16% of respondents agree with X is a story about how people understand the world around them. … More Truth and faith