3. work if you can 4. dream. 5. act

It seems to me now that Ireland’s complacent, property-obsessed middle classes (yes, that’s me) are in a similar position. We think that making the banks work ‘properly’ again is the objective of these ‘adjustments’. It is not for this objective that the hospital wards are closing this year. This is little short of the Irish economy being turned inside out for shareholder value. … More 3. work if you can 4. dream. 5. act

Apologies and language

Reading Anthony’s contribution to Public Enquiry today brings to mind the ways in which anger, sorrow and emotion are represented in Irish political and public discourse. Following the publication of the Ryan report in May, the pages of national newspapers were replete with letters and articles ranging from the angry, the disillusioned to the plain … More Apologies and language

C’mon everybody

I earn between €40,000 and €50,000 per annum. My last pay rise came in early 2007 and was in the order of 4% on my 2006 figure. It is really good to get a pay rise (even if it just covers inflation) and to be paid well. I keep my car on the road, buy … More C’mon everybody

Comptroller Purcell

This rather Victorian title of Comptroller and Auditor General goes to a man called John Purcell. He’s the guy who coordinates an office of 170 people examining the books of the State’s coffers. His office examines about €50 billion of taxpayers’ money per annum and sees if we get value for money from the services … More Comptroller Purcell