Journey geographies – a paper for the AAG

This paper is about a data collection process for my thesis. It is also about a spiritual journey from the French border to Logrono in the company of a specific cohort of people who all chose September 3rd as their particular date to start their Camino. If Rose (2010) says that sacredness offers a way to listen and Slater (2004) seeks more insider accounts for the development of religious geographies, this paper is an attempt to listen to and an attempt to account for experience. … More Journey geographies – a paper for the AAG

Swiss time

I am off to Lucerne in the next few days to attend the 6th International Colloquium of Geography of Religion. For the first time the group is meeting out of the lofty and colonial spires of Oxford and going all continental. This is quite exciting for me because I have never been in Switzerland and the gathering should be a good opportunity to meet with some non-Anglophone geographers of religion. … More Swiss time

CIG 2011

Typographical errors aside, my CIG notes and slides from the Conference of Irish Geographers (pdf).