I delivered to him a print out of the introduction, chapters one through six and a provisional bibliography. It is by no means finalised and there will be much crafting between now and Valentine’s Day 2014. … More Rocktober

Rites of passage

So why am I continuing? Because I believe what I have to say is important. It is worth writing about the spatial practices of Irish Catholics and its political implications. It consumes me. … More Rites of passage

What is change anyway?

It is not as if people in these places wake up and say to themselves “that new measure that Maurice O’Doherty read on the news last night? That’s going to change things from today!” This is a really difficult narrative to employ when talking about changes to primary provision in Ireland or how a Change in religious practice occurs over time. … More What is change anyway?


Here’s the prezi file I created for my paper at the Association of American Geographers conference held in New York last month. Prezi is a good presentation tool but as you know yourself, you have to start with content and plan it in advance before approaching any kind of presentation tool. ┬áIt may not make … More Prezent