Conference of Irish Geographers 2013 – Galway

It is good to do the Show and Tell geography where we marvel at unusual landscapes and cultural formations and say “Wow Geography!” It is better to bring people to the point of being confronted by a geopolitics that cannot be ignored. … More Conference of Irish Geographers 2013 – Galway

Drawing lines on pages: remaking a very public geography

A short article I have written for the GSI’s GeoNews: Building on work done by Prof. William Smyth and Michael Murphy and later publications by Prof. Paddy Duffy, the Catholic parish boundaries are finally digitised. It has taken four years, a summer internship and five different organisations to get to this stage but 1,360 parishes … More Drawing lines on pages: remaking a very public geography

What is change anyway?

It is not as if people in these places wake up and say to themselves “that new measure that Maurice O’Doherty read on the news last night? That’s going to change things from today!” This is a really difficult narrative to employ when talking about changes to primary provision in Ireland or how a Change in religious practice occurs over time. … More What is change anyway?

Armies for No Religion

You may have noticed that I’ve been tweeting in the last week about the first results from the Republic’s census. For policy and research twonks like me, the release dates of census data in Ireland are good days. They’re good days because we all get to see the results of a counting process across a … More Armies for No Religion