Cartographic poverty – a new paper

Introduction The proliferation of affordable web and mobile technologies has made geographic knowledge production more accessible to many. This has been allied with greater use of open source tools among the general population. Geographers work alongside others to produce high quality cartographical material used daily and across many digital platforms. At the same time, the … More Cartographic poverty – a new paper

Ghetto youth

Right now I am reading (a lot) and writing (a little) about the ghetto. I am reframing a paper I first got published in working paper form in 2015 and (rightly) rejected in paper format by a journal earlier this year. That paper was too hung up on financialisation. In the interests of making myself … More Ghetto youth

Paper on Marian statues

I have managed to get my Marian statues paper published, after three attempts. I am very happy with the outcome and although the reviewing process was tough, it made it a better paper. Here’s a link to the Wiley site for it but if you would like access, drop me a line.