Conference of Irish Geographers 2017

The annual conference of Irish geographers is being held in UCC in early May. This year, I am hoping to contribute at least one paper to a themed session called Housing crisis, neoliberalism and the right to the city. My paper for the conference, based on a paper I am now writing for a journal, is called Spaces of the looming ghetto: O’Devaney Gardens and the marginalisation of public housing. Here is the abstract for the conference paper:

European cities are being reshaped by financialisation. This decades-long process of accumulation is now deeply embedded in the everyday life of millions of people through specific socio-spatial formations. Using the example of O’Devaney Gardens in Dublin, this paper shows how urban and suburban spaces are being reshaped by set of ideas reflective of and useful to this process of accumulation.

Housing in Dublin city, under severe strain at the far end of a prolonged economic crisis, is being drawn further into global networks of finance. At the same time multinational funds are being facilitated into place as a resolution for this crisis. The provision of public housing in particular is being made infeasible through a set of discursive formations about ghettoization. The paper examines the deployment of a discourse of ‘public housing as ghetto’ as a way to politically marginalise the provision of public housing.

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