Municipal housing in Dublin

In the summer of 2016 I finalised a small dataset of about 150 records outlining the name, size and approximate date of each of Dublin city’s public housing developments. These records (c. 1880 – 1980) were derived from Council records and from McManus’s work on housing in Dublin. I have only now been able to make them more widely available as an interactive map because I did not have the time to work with Carto. So here is the embedded map of these 150 records.

Some of these developments no longer exist and some of the records might be wrong. Let me know if you would like these data as a CSV file or another format. I am hoping to use these data to develop a new paper on the role that public and municipal housing played in (a) the development of Dublin city and (b) the reinforcement of a discourse on the residualisation of public housing as a social good.

Edit: the location for each point is approximate of course. The areal extent of each development is not marked here, so e.g. Ballymun’s extent is merely a point on the map.

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