Conference season…again.

Conference season rolls around again. There’s a regularity to it that can be comforting. This year however I have been confining efforts to my defaults: the Conference of Irish Geographers and the conference of the ISASR.  I attended both within ten days of each other. The ISASR annual conference was a one day affair on May 11th. A report wot I rote on that is going to be available online shortly. The Conference of Irish Geographers was a very decent conference all in all. Better still for the fact that I won the GSI Doctoral Research Award. I am pleased with that.

My semester at St Patrick’s DCU Geography is coming to an end. The contract ends on June 30th and all of the teaching and assignment and project marking is finished. I’m applying for more work of course with more opportunity in the UK (after the end of the REF cycle I think) than here in Ireland. There’s a real reluctance to hire in higher education right now, perhaps a hangover from years of FEMPI. I do not want to work in the UK necessarily but needs must. Application after application, week after week. I am not taking any of the PFOs personally; it would be a waste of time.

Writing resumes next week. I’m also working on upgrading this blog and adjusting things over on and linkedin.

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  1. Congratulations on winning the GSI Doctoral Research Award. Well done!

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