Reproduced from Occupy LSE

Statement of Solidarity from Irish Academics

As Irish academics, working both at home and abroad, we write to express our solidarity with the students currently occupying the London School of Economics. The insidious corporatisation that has consumed higher education in the UK over the last generation is a process with which we are becoming ever more familiar also in the Irish context. Both in the UK and in Ireland, we are being encouraged to treat our students as ‘customers’, to regard ourselves as ‘service providers’ and to deem everyone with whom we interact on campus as ‘stakeholders’. Never have we needed more urgently another model of what higher education might be – one guided by the pursuit of learning rather than the pursuit of profit, driven by free speech and radical enquiry rather than the often bogus metrics of ‘excellence’, and committed to creating a space in which everyone who teaches, works and learns is afforded the entitlement and responsibility of equality. The students who are presently occupying the LSE are committed to exploring the possibility that another university is possible and, for that, all of us who are concerned with the fate of higher education are in their debt.

Harry Browne, DIT

Dr Colin Coulter, NUIM

Mairead Enright, University of Kent

Dr Clara Fischer, LSE/UCD

Dr Sinead Kennedy, NUIM

Eoin O’Mahony, St Patrick’s College/DCU

Dr Gavan Titley, NUIM

Dr Tina O’Toole, UL

Dr Audrey Bryan, St Patrick’s College/DCU

Prof Helena Sheehan, DCU

Henry Silke, DCU

Dr Alana Lentin, University of Sussex

Dr Conrad Brunstrom, NUIM

Dr Andy Storey, UCD

Goretti Horgan, University of Ulster

Dr Anne Mulhall, UCD

Dr Debbie Ging, DCU

Dr John O’Brennan, NUIM

Dr Pauline Cullen, NUIM

Dr Stephanie Rains, NUIM

Daragh Grant, University of Chicago

Dr Carmen Kuhling, UL

Sheamus Sweeney, DCU

Dr David Landy, TCD

Katie Moylan, University of Leicester

Tina Kinsella, TCD

Dr Karl Kitching, UCC

Marnie Holborow, DCU

Anwen Tormey, University of Chicago

Colm O’Cinneide, UCL

Dr Deirdre Hynes, Manchester Metropolitan University

Deaglán O’Donghaile, Liverpool John Moores University

Prof Tadhg Foley, NUIG

Dr Lionel Pilkington, NUIG

Dr Heather Laird, UCC

Dr Chandana Mathur, NUIM

Dr Conor McCarthy, NUIM

Dr Colmán Etchingham, NUIM

Claire Brophy, NUIM

Dr Koen Leurs, LSE

Fergal Treanor, University of Antwerp

Dr Myria Georgiou, LSE

Piia Lavila, University of Helsinki

Dr Roderick Flynn, DCU

Linnete Manrique, Goldmiths, University of London

Fergal Finnegan, NUIM

Nicholas Kiersey, Ohio University

Caoimhe Butterly, Kimmage Development Studies Centre

Anna Maria Mullally, ITT Dublin

Dr Illan rua Wall, University of Warwick

Dr Kylie Jarrett, NUIM

Dr Maureen O’Connor, UCC

Dr Patricia McManus, University of Brighton

Paloma Viejo, DCU

Aileen O’Carroll, NUIM

Dr Eugenia Siapera, DCU

Dr Bald de Vries, Utrecht University

Tina Askanius, Lund University

Raymond Deane, UCD

Dr Conor McCabe, UCD

Ntina Tzouvala, Durham University

Dr Cathy Bergin, University of Brighton

Ronit Lentin, TCD

Prof Patricia Coughlan, UCC

Claire Bracken, Union College

Dr Mel Duffy, DCU

Prof Joseph Valente, University at Buffalo

Prof Lucy McDiarmid, Montclair State University

Dr Clare Hayes-Brady, UCD

Dr Fionnuala Dillane, UCD

Jane Grogan, UCD

Dr Graham Price, UCD

Dr Ellen McWilliams, University of Exeter

Dr Cliona O’Gallchoir, UCC

Dr Moynagh Sullivan, NUIM

Prof Gerardine Meaney, UCD

Dr Niamh Pattwell, UCD

Dr Charlotte McIvor, NUIG

Matthew Reznicek, Creighton University

Dr Sharae Deckard, UCD

Prof Margot Backus, University of Houston

Dr Susan Cahill, Concordia University

Prof Nicholas Daly, UCD

Prof Eithne Luibheid, University of Arizona

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