The former life of a Talbot Street internet cafe

This is one of those blog posts that shows how ‘religious’ places are remade and remembered. Great work here.

Come Here To Me!

Five Star Internet Cafe (Talbot Street) Five Star Internet Cafe (Talbot Street) Image by Ciaran (CHTM)

Covered in graffiti, the Five Star Internet Cafe on Talbot Street is an interesting building to look at from outside. Inside it is taken over by computers, telephones and pool tables, which give no real hint of the former life of this building.

This building was once a church – a Welsh Presbyterian Church to be precise. The foundation stone of the church was laid in 1838, and as Howell Evans has written “its original intention was not for the Welsh in Dublin, but mainly for the Welsh visiting the city.” Its proximity to the docks of Dublin ensured that visiting Welsh seamen would avail of the church. A contemporary sailors magazine noted that  “In Dublin, English and Welsh seamen hear the Gospel preached to them several times a week, in their respective languages.” Another article in a sailors magazine…

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