What I have learned about Iceland so far.

They use hot water pipes to clear their roads of ice …because they can.

Like many Northern Europeans, their English was mostly learned from BBC comedy.

This is a very large country, four fifths of which is uninhabited by humans.

The Icelandic language is broadly the same as it was in the 13th century.

Their economy is largely dependent upon tourism which makes much of downtown Reykjavik feel like Dublin: created for tourists, not residents.

Walking around the city at most times of the day, you see more tourists than residents.

The equivalent of €45 gets you a plate of lamb and chips and three beers.

I am left wondering how it is that continuous human habitation of somewhere like this makes sense.

Icelanders don’t have  family names. So my name in Iceland would be something like Eoin Johnsson. Because my father’s name is John.

Geothermal energy generation is the best thing in the world.