Here’s the prezi file I created for my paper at the Association of American Geographers conference held in New York last month. Prezi is a good presentation tool but as you know yourself, you have to start with content and plan it in advance before approaching any kind of presentation tool.  It may not make much sense without the paper but that’s on its way.  I thought the session was a good one and formed the first part of a GORABS-sponsored double header. The only problem with my own session was that because I chaired it, I neglected to allocate time to field questions for my own paper. I blame The Nerves.

It was a pleasure to meet up with people interested in the kinds of things I am interested in. I managed to connect with Prof Lily Kong who I would like to externally examine my thesis. Watch this space. In particular it was good to meet Claire Dwyer, Katherine Akin and Richard Gale.