Time ghost.

A few days back I placed a stream of consciousness post about sexism in Ireland on a blue-themed social network. I think I got there with the first post but I didn’t anticipate it would find resonances across many of the different kinds of friends on that network. Here it is:

Tallafornia’s hetero. The presidential election’s power plays. Joan Burton’s change of ideology. Hunky Dory’s crisp ads. Paddy Power’s transgender sexism. Emigration cutting out ‘the heart of the GAA team’. Death of breakfast roll man. “You cannot even be Catholic in Ireland now”. Banks’ centrality to the economy. Pallets at Dame st plaza. Rugby’s popularity. Photographic representations of The Troika.


Jane Ruffino I need some pie.

Annie Cronin Meh

Mark Malone where can one get good pie in dublin? Quiches im sorted for but pies?

Gavan Titley Can I use this as a summer exam?

Eoin O’Mahony Sure Gavan. But only if you arm wrestle me first.

Pie is good but sexism, it seems, is the currency du jour.

Eoin O’Mahony And I forgot Magda, the inability to legislate for the X case, moobs, bromance, manbags, white collar boxing, ICA bootcamp, operation transformation, how many children Miriam has, BOD and Amy, Mammy O’Rourke. Any more there for the last few choc ices?

Geoff Lillis Spam poetry? 🙂

Eoin O’Mahony Madam Editor’s return to Sir, other Madam’s ass as legitimate commentary, Jennifer Maguire keeping up with the lads, Marion only able to have one other woman in the studio, outdoor pyjamas.

Richard McAleavey This is Westlife’s upcoming cover of We Didn’t Start The Fire and I claim my five euros.

Niamh Farren People exclaiming ‘no recession in here’ anytime they enter a busy bar/shop/restaraunt. Constantin et al being the new giles and dunphy? VinB flavoured nightmares?

Neasa Hogan Joe? Ring Joe.

Karen Fleming I hate cupcakes and all those who squeal delightedly at them. Cupcakes have something to do with this but I can’t figure out what.

Caroline Ang The Communications Clinic, lyin’ & cheatin’ foreign nationals, sham marriages.

Caroline Ang Pie shops! A niche market had been identified. Oh, the innovation! The staff can be hired through Jobsbridge.

Karen Fleming ‎’We fight their lies with our pies!’ I think pie-ing Michael O’Leary would give me great satisfaction.

John-Mark McCafferty You’re capturing the Zeitgeist Eoin, Ireland 2012 in a nutshell.

Eoin O’Mahony I had a point to all this a few hours back. Something to with the perceived crisis of masculinity and the economic crisis. Ah well.

Karen Fleming Don’t worry Eoin O’Mahony. That was quite clear. It’s just you had covered it all. I figured out the cup cakes thing. I feel women are being chased back to the kitchen to make the perfect cup cake.

Karen Fleming And are competing with each other on the cup cake front when they should be protesting.

Miriam Cotton Plucky little Ireland; we pay our way; the ‘coping’ classes

Roddy Flynn The proliferation of tatoo parlours?

Karen Fleming The Ryanair calendar. The Journal.ie and Indo made a mockery of the ruling by the ASA.

Sheamus Sweeney Shitegeist.

Karen Fleming Yes Eoin you are right. I had been away for a few years and was struck by the acceptance of blatant sexism when I returned. This was around 1997. It has escalated during the ‘crisis’. Not saying it didn’t exist before but it’s striking how it’s intensified. Plus this masculinity crisis debate. John Murray had something about the crisis in masculinity stuff on his show on Fri I think. Was just able to hear a few minutes of it.


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  1. Enda Kenny and his confusing anthropomorphisms. Does he see us as the plucky featherweight battling on through the blood and sweat or the long suffering wife putting up with abuse for the sake of god and the children?

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