Interfacing into the week

Conferences come and conferences go. Notes are taken and then forgotten “where did I put those exceptionally useful overheads?” I have been to five so far this year which is, well, a little excessive and have promised myself that with about 6 weeks left in the work year, that’s it for 2009.

Kevin Hargaden and Katharine Moody, neither nuns nor pipe-smokers.

I could not have asked for a more diverse experience than Interface on Friday night and Saturday last. I have written here before about the crossover between philosophy and theology. Clearly you have to be a nun to do theology and a pipe-smoking structuralist to be a philosopher but neither of these characters decided to come along to Interface. Maire, Paul and Frank and co organised a great conference, stepping into the background when necessary and just letting the conference flow.

I cannot claim to know much about m(M)ariology or perichori-something-or-other but it was a day and a half that made me ask questions. And you know, that’s enough really. I met up with your correspondent and some radical from England, both of whom decided that pipe-smoking and being a holy nun are not worthy enough pursuits so ripped it up intellectually instead. With some luck, they’ll be giving their slant on the conference ’round this manor very soon. Kevin even expressed surprise at being asked to guest-post here – which leads me to my point.

In my travels as 73man, I worked out quickly that there are people who cohere around particular ideas and blog about them and themselves. You can get a sense of it here and probably as many haurmph at this cohesion as rejoice in it but you get the point. There’s a community and sub-communities within and adjoining these communities. Not linkbaiting here but we get cookers and journalists who become tech writers, designers and webmasters, auld fellas and Twenty. IrishElection, and are ‘places’ all of their own.

I’m interested in lots of different things as are all of the people who I’ve managed to shamelessly link to here. We wouldn’t always agree on everything and in fact I started off thinking that Bock was to be taken seriously all of the time. But the point is is that there’s a semblance of community there, a recognition that we gather around common experiences, sometimes in the one location, most often not. When I asked Kevin and Katharine could I take their photo for this post, they just stood in and I took it, understanding that I would be posting about it. This is how it seems to work, mostly. It’s not confessional, not exhibtionist, it is another way to share ideas and experiences. This weekend, saw the beginning of another one of these communities. Am I stating the obvious here?


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  1. “Some radical”? Awesome.

    So, in my continuing role as a disturber of dualisms, what does it do to your nun-pipe framework to learn that my favourite pipe tobacco is vanila and cherry?!?

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