My head’s wrecked

Never mind getting anywhere near what Zoomtard and Fergus and many others are saying about what happened (or rather what did not) in Knock, I managed to grab a precious half hour with The Supervisor today. This was the first time we had talked substantively about the thesis since late summer. The Supervisor is a Glaswegian Catholic with left politics on his mind and who is as comfortable with the writings of Slavoj Zizek as he is with those of Papa Ratzi. We got from one to the other within about 30 minutes of intense conversation about registration, geographical scale, academic timing and Coleman’s Knock stunt. I went back to the office and banged out three or four hundred words of ideas. Most of it went the way of John O’Donoghue but that doesn’t matter now. I’ve got a proposal to write.

So now this conversation has me scribbling furiously on the train home from Maynooth along the lines of:

  • Scale as a method (epistemology – thanks M) by which to come to some better understanding of secularisation processes occurring in what might be called the underdeveloped Irish public square.
  • the public square and the nature of Irish democracy alongside the role of the Catholic Church in maintaining local power structures
  • is the Church in Ireland clerical in nature because power is drawn from local sources?

So what kinds of things could I research to outline this epistemology of scale when writing about secularisation processes in Ireland?