Beginnings … of a sort

Beginning again with a blank page is often daunting. But I am not. I have been working here in Maynooth for the last three and a half years or so and over this time, I have wound up one blog, started another and closed that up as well after a few months. One of the main reasons for that lack of interest has been the rambling nature of the subjects in these other blogs. They became an aimless dumping ground for links I came across, things sent on to me and random thoughts on politics and life in general. Just as well someone invented Facebook for that kind of stuff so. Oh yea, and about fifty zillion other half-conceived blogs.

This blog is about a new start and in a project that I am taking on over the coming years. It’s going to be a real challenge for me and those close to me but the time is just about to come right. And so this blog is as much about writing and its practice as the subject matter of the PhD I have decided to study for. I have the feeling I am going to be doing a lot of writing over the next few years. My current job also involves writing but much of it is of the “15% believe this and 44% believe the opposite” variety. When it comes to the analysis section of the reports I complete, I have found it increasingly difficult to challenge myself and my abilities. That’s not the fault of the job I do though.

I have a good job as a social researcher and I work in a supportive and stimulating environment. I like my job very much. But…’s not a job for the dedication to analytical thought that I am looking for and that I think I am capable of. And that’s fine. In short, it is not a job where I can study for lengthy periods of time and commit my brain to the big idea. That’s part of the reason I am going to study for a new degree.