Certainly Appealing Offers

This morning’s newspapers are full of hand-wringing about, wait for it, students making rational choices about career choices with the new lady of Hawkins Street declaring that “students are linking their CAO choices to what they see as employment opportunities in each sector, instead of focusing on the educational value”. Imagine that, 17 and 18 year olds making choices based on perceived class benefits to them in the future. Madam Editor also links the continuing rain, ongoing flooding, world oil shocks and the Georgian war to the choices made by 60,000 odd people in January last year stating in her editorial that “There is little optimism in the air.”

If only those pesky students and, no doubt some of their parents, would happily dance to the tune of the Moore McDowells of this world and take maths and science courses and we could all get on with ‘building a knowledge economy’. Instead young people are opting for things like teaching and the humanities. I mean these subjects don’t require any knowledge at all! What are these pesky kids thinking at all with their Facebebos and MyPages?!?! Don’t they realise that what is at risk is nothing less than mass emigration, the return of Frank Hall’s Pictorial Weekly and the mass export of Christmas Puddings, Tayto and chipolata sausages!

Never one to be outdone in the hyperbole game, the Independent leads with further economic meltdown: “Thousands of highly paid jobs are going abegging because colleges can’t get enough students for courses that are key to the country’s economic future.” Ungrateful Generation Y’ers! It details “the crisis” in one Dublin university

“…numbers graduating in computer applications from Dublin City University (DCU) dropped from 224 in 2005 to 70 this year.”

Imagine! Students not taking computer applications?! What next? The M50 floods? House prices fall further? Sales of cappuccino fall drastically? Engineers Ireland director general John Power even went as far as to say that:

“It takes engineering and engineers to create the pitch for other professions, such as lawyers and accountants, to play on.”

You mean like those flooded ones up and down this great grey land? Who would have thought that the ability to plan out poorly constructed roads and flood defences would have been such a cornerstone to Ireland’s future? Was Ronnie ever part of the knowledge economy?


One thought on “Certainly Appealing Offers

  1. It takes engineers to design the mobile phones and computers that they all use. Increasingly engineers from India and China. That’s why no-one is doing engineering (8 people did final year elec eng in UCD this year. 8). It takes 4 years, it ain’t easy and when you graduate you’ve got several million people who are a shit lot cheaper to compete against. If they want engineers then start CEP, common engineering policy, where we get tons of dosh delivered to our doors by JCB each week. That’ll attract the students.

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