A friend and regular reader of my sort-of blog sent me an email recently:

“Wasssup with the blog situation? Are you dis-blogged? or a-blogged? or de-blogged?”

A few minutes later I emailed her back

“I don’t know: I just do not seem to have to motivation to post on it any more. It is kind of going nowhere and I am thinking of several options for reworking it: politics only, pure diary format, on mental health issues, tech stuff. I don’t know really but none of these really grab my imagination. Many of the best blogs that I have read are on topics integrated into other aspects of author’s life, eg music, design, photography, health.

I just don’t seem to be able to go anywhere with it right now. “

She replied to this and told me she was surprised to read such a considered response:

“I guess I was just expecting a “I havent had time”.. “

I still cannot find sufficient motivation to post here recently. This has something to do with seeing how others have developed the art of and also pure laziness. A little bit of disillusionment has also set in, not entirely unrelated to long bouts of navel-gazing. I don’t want to be blog of the month and I really couldn’t care less what thechancer is posting anymore. Not even the recent JS Deceaux campaign got me going. I occasionally tune in to Conor’s excellent blog and Jazz Biscuit seems like good fun still.



9 thoughts on “Inquiry

  1. I have been wondering about your absence too lately.

    I know where you’re coming from – I’m having something of a down time at the mo too.

    And yes, Mr Doyle puts us all to shame, but the way I look at it is people read your blog to hear your voice – the way you see things and your unique point of view.

    Keep writing. Write small, rant if you have to, but keep it up.


  2. Maybe you’re just blogged off (out?)

    My own opinion is that blogging is a much overrated experience. It is also a symptom of vanity. It is an utter time waster; both for the writer and the reader. If blogs disappeared I would not be surprised if office productivity doubled.

    If you have something important to say, write a book.

  3. Darren: thanks for the encouragement. I have even been reluctant to write small posts because it does not seem worth the bother.

    anon: thanks for your sparkling and constructive contribution, submitted anonymously. I assume you are too busy writing your own book to give us your name?

  4. the thing about blogging is while we are all keen to encourage each other to do it, we all know how time consuming it can be especially when you want to get a post just right and what with work and life and all it isn’t always possible.

    just keep up the good work as best you can 73man.

  5. >Are you dis-blogged?
    >or a-blogged? or de-blogged?"

    Blogstipated is the correct phrase.

    But yeah, a single focus would be my recommendation (based on my vast experience of 0 blogs and a handful of comments).

  6. 73 man, by castigating my anonymity you have illustrated perfectly the futility of blogging. If I had signed myself as 74man or whatever would my comment be any less meaningful. The WEB is a totally meaningless and ANONYMOUS place. How do I know but that you are (or are not?) a total creep just soliciting responses from other total creeps.

  7. I always find inspiration to write comes and goes – can’t be controlled ๐Ÿ™‚

    What better reason to keep going than the great comments by anonymous. There is something deliciously ironic about someone going to the trouble of leaving a comment on a blog to say how pointless it all is ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Thanks JL.

    Paschal: sher what would you know then!?

    Conor: we can only she/he is so enraged that finger cannot be put to keyboard.

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