Rail fail

Look! Irish Rail opens its new middle-class friendly Park West (aka Cherry Orchard) railway station. Pity that it won’t tell me when the trains run.

And speaking of news stories and media representation, let’s have a quick look at this and contrast it with this. The web address of the RTE piece tells us a lot about how news is reported in Ireland.

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2 thoughts on “Rail fail

  1. It's working now for me.

    If Park West does not work, try 'Cherry Orchard and Park West'.

    Or use the station' or 'map' menus… and, if you do, you'll only find it under 'Park West' in the text listings, but the map shows it as 'Cherry Orchard & Park West'.

    The stations pages meanwhile shows it as Cherry Orchard Park West, without 'and' or '&'.

    Oh, well you didn't expect there to be no problems with Irish Rail moving a station a bit down the tracks? 🙂

  2. That’s the good and bad of Ireland – I think the small community feel. In Ireland where everyone knows everyone the personal dimension will always be important. Incidentally the Dutch media led with the home angle too.

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