Like Bryan, I am hopeful for an America that is comfortable in voting for its first African-American president. Barack Obama is an inspirational figure in a hemispheric political space that is largely populated with idiots, clowns and gombeens. His speech in Berlin yesterday was as much about what a lot of Europeans hope for in the coming months as anything else. His Berlin speech will probably get about 16 seconds on US network nightly news. I hope he beats John McSame, I mean McCain, in November and he rallies a Democratic party that can, with his symbolism, unite progressives across the 50 states. But…

Barack Obama is also all over CNN these last few days (only english language channel on the hotel TV) visiting Israel and the occupied territories of Palestine. He meets Palestinian leaders, he meets Israeli leaders and then he goes to Sderot, Israel:

Make no mistake when I say that President Obama will be as politically naive about the occupation of Palestine as any previous holder of this office. It is said that the US state holds on to the Israeli regional security blanket because Washington can play sides off one another and that US politics is dominated by a ‘strong Jewish caucus’ – whatever that means. The truth is closer to the fact that no US president can give up on Israel occupying Palestine’s land and people because a client state in the area can yield untold benefit for a political and economic structure underpinned by cheap oil. I hope I am wrong but President Obama will not take one brave or decisive action on the dolorous situation of the Palestinian people.


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  1. Unfortunately, even the boldest US president will only move so far from convention in that country. Still, I’ll take my chances with an Obama who may not go far enough over McCain who just wants to win wars.

  2. US politics is dominated by a ‘strong Jewish caucus’

    For US politics read The Democratic Party. I always lean/vote Democrat, but when doing so you have to take the bad along with the good, and in the Dems case, strong Jewish lobby is a very very big bad, though Leibermann’s defection and support for McCain may have done much to stop the flow in the one direction.

  3. The last paragraph you wrote is sadly true. One thing Mr. Obama should do in the interest of peace and harmony for the world is take a massive cut out of his country’s military budget – almost $600 billion. Divesting from the military and investing in the more vulnerable members of US society’s welfare would be a welcome move.

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