That’s not cheese

This morning I had intended to write a paean to the virtues of the moleskine diary but because blogger and iPhoto-loaded photos say yuuuurrrgh!, you get to hear about curry cheese coleslaw chips instead. 

The second from last time I was in Sligo, herself and myself went for a few to Connolly’s pub just there by the river. As this was turning out to be quite the ‘complete Sligo experience’ (unnecessarily grumpy bar staff, random conversations with former school friends), we ended the night with a quick jaunt across to the Happy Eater ‘restaurant’. I use that word advisedly for a restaurant it just about is. It has all of the usual nasal and visual cues of a restaurant but little of the welcoming nature of many a fine establishment. Since they put the town’s bypass through the town (the NRA working on 1978 plans of course) getting to the Happy Eater is no longer the casual, i.e. staggering, experience it once was. Three not-so-quick pedestrian crossings later, we were queuing for the unique culinary experience that is: curry cheese coleslaw chips. 

What?! It is a portion of chips (allegedly) with a serving of curry sauce, coleslaw on top and then generously complimented by Musgrave’s grated-cheese best. At 2am after a skinful, it is the best thing in Sligo since Ray McSharry packed his bags for Europe. 
By the way: the title is derived from an adolescent joke about tasting certain bodily fluids. 
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7 thoughts on “That’s not cheese

  1. Cheese? I’m not altogether sure it’s even food!

    You’ve just written off any hopes of me keeping anything down for the rest of the day (in which case you’ll have done me a favour).

    But as you say, after a skinful, I’d probably eat the tray and all.

  2. I once stopped for some grub in Arklow. I remembered from my gold panning days that there was an acceptable eaterie there called the Yankee Doodle Diner. However this had been replaced by the Graceland Diner which was significanlt more down market. We bought some chips, thinking them to be the safe option. These were not so much chips as small paper bags full of pus, it was one of the most disgusting experiences of my life.

  3. Thrift, the Yankee Doodle Diner has been replaced rought four million times at this stage. Including a memorable few months in which it was known as the S&M Café.

    (… although I have a creeping suspicion I’m thinking of the wrong place. Well, at least I got to mention the S&M Café.)

  4. That sounds (looks) good!
    Better than the Cold Porridge on Fried Bread I once got the following morning as punishment after spending the night on the town

  5. You just can’t beat that kind of food after a few. That’s something people don’t really do over here come to think of it although I know of a bakery that’s open late/early which I’ve been known to stop off in on route home on my bicycle 🙂

  6. In the states, Musgrave is a little-known but quality brand of pencil. I can’t imagine that the cheese of the same name tastes much better.

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