Poster boys

I took these two photos yesterday evening while walking between the Bleeding Horse pub and St Stpehen’s Green. They had all the appearance of the structures that have been agreed between Dublin City Council and JC Deceaux. You might remember this: intrusive advertising in return for a free city bike scheme being installed. I came across three almost completely installed units and preparation for another near the Fresh shop on Camden Street. On the bus down to Camden street I caught sight of another nearly constructed one near the Rathmines Inn – oddly facing pedestrians and about 80% blocking the narrow pathway on the corner.

So when do we get the free bike scheme then? Who sold the soul?


7 thoughts on “Poster boys

  1. I dialled 911 a long time ago. Chuck D equals bikes, Flavor Flav equals fuckin’ big ugly posters from Tha Man.
    Barkeep, a crate of your finest generic unbranded liquor to the truck drivin’, Emmylou lovin’, freedom fightin’, skull stompin’ redneck bastard who mows these fuckers down tonight. He’ll get my vote come the revolution, whether he’s fond of under-arm deodorant or not.

    Stay righteous 73man. Neil Young has much to teach us.

  2. Ah yes, I came across these lovely objects during my recent trip to Dub. So bloody annoying when you’re new in the city and trying to read road-signs etc. Dare I say ‘Behemoth’? Tsk.

  3. EM: why they couldn’t also put a map of the area is an adjoining panel I’ll never know. Congrats on the new puppy btw, been off the scene for a while.

  4. Good idea. Meh, the pup is a temporary foster – going very shortly as Bert is trying to starve himself to death in protest!!

  5. … They are all over da Nort Side too in pretty much every single place you could imagine an advert company wanting to get exposure.

    The thing is that these panels will be there forEVER and if we ever see those bikes, they will most likely be tossed into the Liffey with 3.5 days, thus causing a health and safety obstruction for whoever builds the SUAS – which will most likely also have advertising on it.

  6. I saw one of these outside Marks and Spencers on Liffey Street, it was creating a bottle neck on such a busy street. I couldn’t believe what an eye sore it was, can’t believe there are others around the city also. Shocking!

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