Der’s gold in dem der hills

I wish I was good at potatoshop so that I would be able to blend this story with the image below to produce a picture of Clontibret being overrun by recession refugees, their poorly constructed, inaccessible to public transport and chrome-bekitchened Meath and Kildare semi-dees crumbling behind them. Cos that’s what it looks like in my mind. Yee Haw!!


3 thoughts on “Der’s gold in dem der hills

  1. I have visions of hoardes of prospectors flooding into Monaghan from neighbouring Cavan…

  2. Chickens maybe. Gold? Fergeddit. If there was gold in Monaghan the Cavan crew would’ve tunneled in there years ago and extracted it painlessly.

    And incidentally, Monaghan’s most famous son, one P Kavanagh (you were thinking Rockcorry Eggs perhaps?) said that Cavan people were the most decent in Ireland. Check it out.The Green Fool. I kid you not.

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