8 thoughts on “George who?

  1. JL: you’ve no excuse then.

    Grandad: mmmm, philosophy.

    Conortje and Darragh: are we too young / too bourgeois?

    Anon: fuck you cocksucker.

  2. I saw one of his shows on HBO while living stateside. It was one of the funnist stand-up routines ever. Puts the Big Yin (Willie Connolly) tae shame. He has a great skit on people going on holiday and trying to work out what of their ‘stuff’ they should bring with them. Watch an early version of it here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvgN5gCuLac). You’d never have heard of him if you hadn’t lived in the US, I’d say. But I for one will miss him. RIP wee man.

  3. Thanks for the utoob clip junglist. A great clip and moreso given what you have just done in the last two weeks. Filtering our stuff is one of life’s little anxieties.

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