Lisbon Treaty coverage checklist

Michael Martin eating his words [ ]

Paddy Power spinning his losses [ ]

Dick Roche being undemocratic [ ]

Patricia McKenna getting all too excited for television [ ]

Lots of talk about the sophistication of the Irish voting public [ ]

Declan Ganley turning out to be Justin Barrett in disguise [ ]

Charlie Bird doing his ochon mo chroi routine [ ]

Some nameless EU spokesperson using the words ‘respect the wishes of the Irish electorate’ [ ]

Celebrations in some other European cities [ ]

Right-wing EU politicians (thanks TC) taking advantage of the mess that Bertie Ahern / Brian Cowen made of the entire campaign [ ]

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One thought on “Lisbon Treaty coverage checklist

  1. Err, hang on, are you suggesting that Bertie et. al. are left wing? With their friedmanite credentials?

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