Vote No to the Lisbon Treaty

I am asking you to vote no to the Lisbon Treaty because:

  • What is it about 27 countries that cannot be reorganised for 15?
  • Ireland’s neutrality also means seeking to prevent Latvian and Italian people from marching off to foreign wars.
  • Unanimity is worth protecting because it protects smaller countries’ interests.
  • Qualified Majority Voting will be extended to areas that we have not yet foreseen.
  • I think our lives should be simpler, not more complex.
  • Europe needs more health and education capacity, not military capacity.
  • I want a more accountable parliament in Dublin, directly elected, with all of its flaws and parish pump politics.

Just vote.


3 thoughts on “Vote No to the Lisbon Treaty

  1. People of Irland,

    Help us !

    Vote No to the Lisbon Treaty

    We are europeans who don’t have any right to vote against it.

    Please VOTE NO FOR US !

    Please, please, please SAY NO !

  2. That’s not Karl back again is it? He really is picking up the lingo down there in the Canaries.

  3. I will never be critical of a journalist again. They’re all great and write so well.

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