This week I have been mostly eating…

This week I have been mostly…..contributing to Sociological Images.

Oh yea and I would like to go to Skagen in Denmark in the first week of July. Anyone got a van?

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4 thoughts on “This week I have been mostly eating…

  1. What’s a Fast Show? 😉

    Would love to go and see Skagen but check this out: Dublin to Goteborg, from there to Fredrikshavn and train to Skagen, about 18 hours from Dublin and I only want to go for a two hour show!

  2. My favourite quote of his was ‘This week I mostly be dipping my knob in Blancmange…” I was pissed at the time so found it hilarious.

    Me fella has a big yellow van (with a giant waterpump in the back, dammit) which he is thinking of pimping for such travelling purposes. Can’t wait to paint big daisies and ban the bombs on the side of it!

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