The Couch Sessions

Why would I continue to apologise to myself and feel guilty about something that I did not do? I cannot forgive myself for something that I have not done. 

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8 thoughts on “The Couch Sessions

  1. ‘Choose’ between one friend and another. He thought I had chosen her but he cannot talk about feeling left out so I took on the hurt.

    Didn’t do it but have recently realised that I have been blaming myself for ‘choosing’ when in fact there were many things I could not have been responsible for.

  2. Are we talking about a couple who have split up here? Whatever, it’s a tough one. Easy to blame yourself when you know someone’s upset. Worth a chat with him to smooth the waters or no?

  3. Thanks EM. Oh God, were it that simple? Chatting is very good for him when in a big group but he doesn’t do ‘lets talk about emotions’ chat. I think that is why I may have adopted the sense of hurt.

    You might wonder why all of this has not gone in the post as well. I don’t know….the gaffer would not allow me 😉

  4. Basic assumption: People are all a bit crap.

    Possibility A: It is down to their crapness and the choice is let it slide or avoid in the future, depends on situation/past performance. Dwelling on it is no good.

    Possiblity B: It is my crapness and the action is to avoid doing it again but not bother dwelling on it as what’s done is done.

    Conclusion: we are all crap in different ways, that’s what makes life interesting 🙂

  5. Oh yes I agree TC. Some are more willing to face up to their crapness than others. For some of those others, it means personal pain and that too is not easy.

  6. I cannot forgive myself for something that I have not done.

    You/We can certainly blame ourselves for things we haven’t done, even if we didn’t know we should do them…

    Guilt is one of those things that’s a bugger to deal with. Forgiveness doesn’t come easy either.

    As thriftcriminal says, things like this make life a bit more interesting.

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