Value for what now?

So I’m geeking it up again. After the purchase of my Asus Eee pc, I’m looking at ways that I could boot from a memory card and putting Ubuntu on it. I thought using an 8 gb SDHC card was a good option. I went to (apparently Irish shoppers shop there too) and found the product I wanted, it is listed at stg£14.88 – about e18.73 at today’s rate. Then I thought, I’ll go local, try They’ve been good in the past. And I got this price:

Yes. That says e33.88. Almost twice the price. It is the same product. The. Same. Product. 
You fuckers. 
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9 thoughts on “Value for what now?

  1. Still value for money compared to the high street. A shopkeeper tried to sell my girlfriend a 2 gig card for €40.

    (I’ve an idea it might actually have been 1 gig, but I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.)

  2. Keep us informed as to how you get on with the project. I’d like to do something similar.

  3. I bought an 8gb Integral SDHC card last week for my new phone of amazon, only to find out it doesnt support cards that size. i’ll sell you mine if you havent ordered yet. £20stg

  4. Emordino: yup, high street loses again.

    Darren: wouldn’t hold my breath. I’m kind of intimidated by the programming involved re: changing boot order etc.

    Markvader: thanks, a kind offer. I have not ordered it yet but why would I give you e25 when amazon do it for 18? email me please – address at bottom of the blog page, left hand corner.

  5. try, they are actually in Celbridge and are usually a good price.

  6. If you wanna see a f*cking rip-off for memory cards, just have a look at any sony-related ones.

    I use a PSP for loadsa homebrew stuff(eg. emulation, as a remote control gimmick, etc), but they charge something like 100euro for a 4gb one in most places. I lived off the free 32mb one for ages til I could get one online cheap.
    Reminds me, the PS2’s 8mb memory card was 40 POUND(!) at the start.

  7. If you look at the two pictures there – it would also appear that the more expensive one is smaller in physical size. perhaps your paying for the additional shrinkage? The last thing you wanna be doing is paying for shrinkage.

  8. Thanks for that Thrifty.

    b: you young people and your crazy language.

    Tasmaniac: paying for shrinkage? Mmmm, interesting concept.

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