"Boeing raygunship fires first blasts in ground testing"

The Register brings us the impending arrival of Skynet:

The so-called Advanced Tactical Laser (ATL) programme is one of two flying raygun projects underway at Boeing. The other is the Airborne Laser, or ABL, a monstrous jumbo-jet mounted energy ray intended to disintegrate threatening nuclear missiles from hundreds of kilometres away. Both ATL and ABL use toxic chemical fuels to generate higher-intensity laser beams than can currently be produced by electric equipment.

Is this a piss-take? Either that or one of the US “army’s” largest cash sinks EVER. I say “army” because Boeing et al are skimming billions off the US taxpayer for “research and development” of military hardware when the USA is 16th on the Human Poverty Index (sandwiched between us and our nearest neighbours btw) and about 10% of its population are described as food insecure and inequality there (as measured by the Gini index) has risen by 18% for all households between 1967 and 2005.

Not to worry, they still love cluster bombs and aircraft-mounted laser guns.

Apocalypse anyone?

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