There’s something oddly familiar about this

This Thai advertisement for lightbulbs I picked up at Sociological Images is a little disquieting. There is something oddly familiar about the imagery used but also something quite primordial about the darkness and danger it is trying to dispel. The light bulb company is clearly playing on our fears of the dark and exposing the demons and ghosts of our imaginations. I played this about 5 times and still could not figure out why I found the images of the Kra-sue and the Tall Ghost particularly compelling. Not to get all Margaret Mead about this but is there something linked in all of our dreams? Are there some images that recur across cultures? 

This was posted speculatively by Lisa and Gwen to see what people made of the use of the transvestite imagery but to be honest I think they also recognise the cross-cultural imagery involved here.

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