I’m tired

Driving home from work.

Phone call from Dad. 
Mum in hospital.
Dinner, talk to Ms 73man about this, then leave. 
Wait three hours.
Avoid eye contact with A and E patients to retain some of their dignity.
Take her bloods and X-rays.
Wait two more hours.
Chat with doctor younger than I am.
Pay over the odds for a private car park.
Sleep like a baby.
Wake up and make phone calls.
Go to hospital – on the bike.
Wait three hours.
Avoid getting frustrated with lack of communication by staff.
Chat with him and her.
Overhear other patients crying and vomiting.
Chat with him and her.
Avoid getting frustrated with any lack of progress.
Chat with specialist nurse.
Get some lunch and return to work. 
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4 thoughts on “I’m tired

  1. God 73 I hope your mam is going to be okay.
    Its horrible to hear of the conditions that patients have to endure in our hospitals but gut wrenching when its one of our friends and relatives.
    Hoping for good things for her.

  2. Sweetie: ditto. It’s all very well whinging about the state of the health service, but it really brings it home when your loved ones are involved. Wishing her a speedy recovery xx

  3. Thanks Is It…?, EM and Tasman for the good wishes. She is fine and back home now but these things tend to jolt me out of complacency. Like Is It…? had it during the week: what do you do but be with that person, no judgements, no politics, being and taking it in and holding it.

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