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Lady and gentleman. In conversation with the illustrious and talented Green Ink, it was determined that we have a mutual dislike of Google’s Blogger. We both use it, have done for years and yet we detest its utter unsuitability for extended quotations, its meaningless warnings and unintelligible codes for submission to the design team when an error occurs:

Short of actually switching to another blog provider or BSP as we have taken to calling them, and finding ourselves being ejected from Ron’s on Saturday morning last by Twenty Major, we decided to do something about it, blog-style. That’s right: vent some spleen about Blogger – the technology that Google forgot. Lady and gentleman, Green Ink:

73man invited me to guest post about the crappiness of Blogger. I think 73man is worrying about my sanity and has asked my over to keep an eye on me. At least I hope that was his intention when he asked me to lie down and tell him about my father. My father was a nice green Bic who was executed for leaking in Charles Haughey’s trouser pocket.
Back to Blogger. That name suggests it’s the publishing tool. It’s just dripping with annoying artefacts of the ill-considered when you lift the bonnet though. For instance, Blogger is greatly negligent when it comes to uploading images. I go to the effort of making my images 400px wide, whether portrait or landscape, but Blogger decides to resize them if they’re portrait, so you end up with a smaller image that links to a bigger version. What is the point of that? I don’t like linky images and I’m not offered the choice from Blogger. It’s too annoying to go deleting code in the HTML editor, these days I put all my images on photobucket. Just to buck the trend of all you flickrererererers.
Captchas should probably be readable if you want to have people leave a comment. Well lately Blogger’s captcha offerings look like someone shoved a blue permanent marker up a monkey’s hole, injected heroin into its head, spun it around by its tail, set fire to it, then nailed it near a small piece of paper with its ass contacting, then spilled their coffee on the results in horror at the enormous capacity for cruelty in the human being. There must be some well-read fucking robots out there if Google thinks they have to obfuscate the captchas to this level.

Now, it’s nice to have a post or several in draft. Except if you have a blogspot blog, then it’s akin to time-travel. Blogger thinks you want to publish your draft when you started it, rather than when you finished it, so when you hit publish the post magically travels back in time to when it was begun. Now if I can figure out how exploit this so I get next weekend’s Lotto numbers I won’t see this as a problem, but until then I’d rather readers not having to go back through my archives to see how brilliant I was last week. Which happens never so the post is effectively lost.

Why am I still there? Well, it’s the Blogger/blogspot trap isn’t it? I started with it because it’s what I saw others using, and now I’ve so much there that to start somewhere else seems a bit, well, starty. I like having everything in the same place. And it’s hard to finish this relationship, even when it’s so full of mutual contempt. Maybe some day I’ll find a leggy young hosted WordPress blog and leave.

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7 thoughts on “Guest blogger: Green Ink

  1. WordPress. It’s magic. Mind you, I just order up what I want from Grandad and it magically appears. So maybe I should shut up.

  2. I can’t argue with much that you’ve said there, especially the bit where you’re reluctant to move since you want all your stuff in the one place.

  3. suppose you could repost all your posts on wordpress?

    blogger is really crap though, every template I put in comes out sh!t and I revert to one of the standard ones.

    then it often doesn’t autosave my post and says it did.

  4. I’m with English Mum on this one – WordPress is the business.

    And you can migrate over all your old posts so they’re all in one place in your new home. Just a couple of clicks of a button – they tell you how to do it.

  5. It’s easy to bring all your content over to your new WordPress blog.

    One click.

    Even I was able to manage it.

  6. I really hate the draft oublishing on the day its begun thing…I’ve often forgotten about it and then wondered where the heck my post went to when I hit ‘publish’.
    Down with this sort of thing!.
    Seriously though, I’m considering moving to dotcomland…

  7. Thanks for your comments on Green Ink’s guest post. I imported all the posts I had into WordPress and it did look better and it seems to work better at the back end.

    Like Is It…? I’m still considering a move to dotcom land. Black Knight still the best hosting company?

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