Lisbon Treaty

What Shane said…

…all the more compelling for the fact that it is the best reason to vote against the proposals contained therein. 
Why does the Government of the day never return from Brussels / Maastricht / Nice / Lisbon brandishing a copy of a new European treaty and say: 

“We went out there, we argued our cause and held our line but frankly, we are recommending that you reject this new document from Europe?”

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4 thoughts on “Lisbon Treaty

  1. Good point 73Man, I think they should start considering the June 12th date as too early for a referendum to be held here. There needs to be more clarification and debate on this subject, 6-8 weeks is not long enough for such an important and complicated document to be discussed.

  2. Because they wouldn’t have signed the treaty in the first place if they didn’t agree with its contents.

  3. Caoimhin: the trick is is that there has been no official launch of campaign from the the gov parties because that would invole the balance required by a Referendum Commission.

    Michael: but the people voting on June 12th on this issue is the Irish government signing it. No Irish government has yet signed the Treaty.

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