Asus EEE saga

For a long time I have had my eye on Asus wee Eee PC – it runs linux, is small and light and has wifi and a camera built in. I heard that they were going to make a 9 inch screen and faster model available so I held off and then I read this. Hooray, I thought, it’s a faster small laptop.

Then I read this. Boo, I thought, it was all too good to be true.

Still want one though, even if it does look like the 2008 equivalent of the ZX Spectrum.

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4 thoughts on “Asus EEE saga

  1. Proinsias De Rossa was using one beside me in the airport last week and I was so incredibl jealous I almost attacked him.
    I didn’t and I have witnesses.

  2. I am so backward when it comes to IT. I was in shock recently was told in a shop recently that ‘we don’t call them laptops anymore – they’re notebooks’. ‘But notebooks are made of paper’ I tried to rationalise. He wasn’t having any of it.

  3. Is It…? The truth will out!

    Thrift: just googled it and looks good but I like my phone as a phone and the Asus EEE does skype’ie things too.

    conortje: that’s funny because I was only saying the other day how funny it is that young people like to use bebo now, and not smashing each other over the heads with bottles. Or was that a dream?

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